If you don’t fight, you die

Rick said this to Jessie in season five, episode fifteen of The Walking Dead.

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Happy Friday the 13th my fellow horror lovers!

Today is Jason’s favourite day, so watch out if you’re out in the woods or by any lake with the name Crystal in it! I also think today is our day, “our” meaning anybody who loves the awesome horror genre, so be sure to enjoy it! Watch horror movies, go somewhere horror themed, or do whatever else helps you get into the horror spirit ;) I started today by watching John Carpenter’s film Christine (Stephen King) and I am now watching Identity. Let me know what you’re doing today!

Happy Friday the 13th…. ;)

happy friday the 13th

We’ll make it work. If they can’t make it…. then we’ll just take this place.

Rick says this in the end of season five, episode twelve of The Walking Dead. Love this line! #Ricktatorship is back!

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I found this photo of Michael Myers and Ghostface!
michael ghostface

Zombie Tshirt

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Hello fellow horror lovers,
I just found this amusing tshirt online, that says “Zombie, eat flesh” and thought I should share: http://www.tshirtbordello.com/Zombie-Eat-Flesh-T-Shirt

“To survive, we tell ourselves… we, are the walking dead”

Rick said this in tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead (season five).

can't kill the boogeymanI found this on Facebook and had to share. You can’t kill the boogeyman…. Michael Myers is awesome!