This scene always makes me laugh so I wanted to a share a photo of Michael Myers dressed in a sheet in Halloween (1978). halloween sheet

These people are children, and children like stories

Carol says this in the season five finale of The Walking Dead.

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“We have to control who lives here”

Rick says this in season five, episode fifteen of The Walking Dead.

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Hello Horror Lovers,

What did everyone think of The Walking Dead’s season five finale? First off, I was glad that it was 90 minutes rather than 60 minutes with all the commercials we always get. To be honest though, the episode wasn’t what I expected, or all of what I had hoped for. I was happy to see Morgan again and have him finally join Rick at the end of the episode! I was also happy to see that the group was sticking together and none of them died, because I was concerned about somebody important dying! I also enjoyed seeing that Rick finally killed Pete, although it’s unfortunate that Pete had to kill someone before Rick could kill him. I was really hoping for more of a battle though within the walls of Alexandria, because most of the town are complete morons! I thoroughly believe that they need Rick to lead them, keep them all alive and teach them how to actually survive rather than just relying on walls to hide behind. So I have rather mixed feelings on the finale. What did you think?


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atmATM is a film that I watched on Netflix tonight from 2012. It is about three co-workers who are travelling home late one night after a work party and decide to stop at an ATM to take out cash in order to buy pizza. When they go to leave the ATM machine building, which happens to be in the middle of a parking lot with nothing around, they see a man standing in the parking lot between them and their car, staring at them. Afraid and unsure of what to do, they stay in the building hoping that this man will leave. As the man starts to terrorize them, they end up trapped in the small building, fighting for their lives. The film stars Alice Eve, Brian Geraghty and Josh Peck.

ATM is rated a low 4.6 on IMDB and is listed as a horror and thriller. What this film has going for it is a secluded space, darkness, a creepy bad guy and lots of suspense, which is always appreciated. The pacing of the film is alright, some of the characters actions are logical, although not all (haha), and the I think the actors are fairly good. However, the ending is rather dull and many things are not explained (I would say what but I don’t want to give away tons of spoilers). Overall the film is okay, and I can’t think of much more I can say about it. ATM is suspenseful, has a bit of gore and fairly good characters, but little explanation and a dull ending. I’ll give it a 6 out of 10. It’s just okay.

If you don’t fight, you die

Rick said this to Jessie in season five, episode fifteen of The Walking Dead.

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Happy Friday the 13th my fellow horror lovers!

Today is Jason’s favourite day, so watch out if you’re out in the woods or by any lake with the name Crystal in it! I also think today is our day, “our” meaning anybody who loves the awesome horror genre, so be sure to enjoy it! Watch horror movies, go somewhere horror themed, or do whatever else helps you get into the horror spirit ;) I started today by watching John Carpenter’s film Christine (Stephen King) and I am now watching Identity. Let me know what you’re doing today!

Happy Friday the 13th…. ;)

happy friday the 13th