For myself, I would say either B or D. How about you?


I’m with you sister! I don’t hate all people (lol) but I do prefer horror movies to many people. Horror movies are awesome!


Not the best advice ever given!

fearFear The Walking Dead premieres tonight at 9pm! I am curious about the show, and what it will contribute to what we know from watching The Walking Dead. The thing is though, with being a huge TWD fan, I am not holding out hope that this new show will be as good, especially since it will be all new characters. Not that I think it will be terrible, but I am cautiously curious about how things will go. What do you all think? Will you be watching tonight?


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d8d8432af36063691b2d96adac931986I dislike people who don’t like horror movies. They have poor taste obviously!


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