Horror Lovers Info

Horror Lovers is a blog dedicated to the Horror genre. Everything from movies, books, tv shows, quotes and more will be posted. This is a blog for Horror Lovers to all come together and discuss and learn about the genre that we love.

You can access all movie reviews through my Movie Reviews page on the top of the screen beside Horror Lovers Info.

As well as posting on this blog, I was also a guest Features Writer on www.horror-movies.ca Please check out my posts:







  1. The GDK says:

    Hey… I write stories on my blog crispystories… I have 3 short horror stories there…. if you have some time do check it out…. btw… loved your blog… good work… 🙂

  2. Hello, hello!

    Great blog!

    As a fellow horror lover, it’s always a treat to see such a fun page. I’ve been posting as well about scary movies during October, so it’s definitely great to have found your blog.

    Much success!

    • Thanks for visiting! I try to post something horror related (movie reviews, quotes, etc) every or every other day, so make sure to come back! Always love talking to fellow Horror Lovers! 😉

      • My pleasure! I feel the same way, it’s always great to make new blog buddies, especially horror fanatics!

        Looking forward to following your future posts!


  3. Hey, I am doing a horror Halloween Club month and would love it if you would like to write a review of any horror movie of your choice to be part of it. Let me know if you’re interested, troyster90@yahoo.co.uk

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