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Here’s a quiz I found which tells you if you would survive a horror movie! Try taking it for fun:

I would survive! Would you?


I found this quiz online which tells you which horror movie killer you are. Granted, if you know horror films and villains as well as I do, you can figure out which answers lead to which killer, but it’s still fun to take. I got Michael Myers, not that I am surprised seeing as he is my all time favourite horror villain!


Try it out, tell me what you get!

Many people may not agree with me on this, but I believe that a zombie apocalypse is much more likely to happen than any other theory of the world possibly ending. In Toronto last weekend, we had an ice storm that made the Don Valley Parkway go dark, I mean TOTALLY DARK. I have never seen that before! My dad and I were driving home (we had no power for about 28 hours or so, but we were lucky) and I said that maybe the zombie apocalypse is happening and nobody told us. That got me thinking…. who would survive if we had a zombie apocalypse? I feel I would, as I am pretty much as prepared as you can be with all of my thorough zombie knowledge, but I found this Walking Dead quiz, and according to it, I would in fact survive. It may not be the most thorough quiz in the world, but I think you should take a look: And tell me your results.

Also, a month or two ago I was reading a blog that asked who would be in your zombie apocalypse survival team. I believe they based their post mainly on movie characters, but I chose some tv characters as well. Want to know my list? I chose 6 characters. Buffy and Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as they are both very skilled fighters and I know they would have my back. Plus, Spike is incredibly gorgeous, and I need another awesome woman on my team (because the rest of the people I chose are men). I chose Batman, but only if it is Christian Bale as Batman, as he is also a very skilled and strong fighter, plus you know if we have to repopulate the world I think we would have beautiful children (…just saying xD). I chose Ash from The Evil Dead, because he’s dealt with undead before so he knows what he’s doing, and he’d always give us lots of laughs, which we would probably need from time to time. I chose Sam Winchester from Supernatural because he is very strong, fast and has fought basically anything and everything you could think of. PLUS, we could repopulate the world… he is GORGEOUS! Last, but definitely not least, I would obviously choose Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead. He is a natural leader, so I’m sure him and Buffy would argue over who should be the leader of the group, because they are both used to being leaders, but I’m sure they could take turns. Rick has dealt with so many zombies he is a natural choice for any team because he REALLY knows what he’s doing!! He’s very skilled and very smart so I would definitely want him on the team. Plus, I love him… not in THAT way, but I think he’d be a super cool guy to have on your team. So with Buffy, Spike, Batman, Ash, Sam and Rick (and of course myself), I think I would have an incredibly strong team to be able to survive a zombie apocalypse. I think it would be the strongest (not to mention most attractive) zombie apocalypse survival team out there!

Who (from movies or tv shows) would be on your zombie apocalypse survival team?


Upcoming Films

Posted: December 17, 2013 in Polls
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Does anyone know of any upcoming horror films coming out in theatres soon? It seems like there are none!

I’m sure many of us started watching horror movies as children. The first horror movies I ever watched were Scream and Poltergeist when I was about 11 I believe. What horror movie scared you as a child? Was it one of the first horror films you ever watched? When did you watch it? Does the film still scare you now?

The first horror film that I remember scaring me was Scream. I watched it with my mom, and had nightmares for about a month afterwards. I had this big walk-in closet and was terrified that someone was hiding in there and would jump out and attack me at night. Obviously that did not happen, but I was afraid it would! After the nightmares ended, I watched the film again and it has been one of my favourite horror films ever since!

What horror movie scared you?

Hello fellow Horror Lovers,

If you could meet one “villain” from a horror movie, who would it be and why? This may sound like an odd question, but I know that many horror fans have thought about this at one time or another.

For me, it would be Michael Myers from Halloween (the original Michael, not Rob Zombie’s hillbilly giant Michael). He is a very creepy character who never talks and always walks after his victims and always manages to get them. I’m sure we wouldn’t have a very in depth conversation, as I would be doing all the talking, but I’m sure he could enlighten me on some things. Plus if I had to go knife shopping he would be the best person to go with. I know I know, some of you are probably thinking I’m a psycho right now, but it’s not like I’m actually going to go out and kill anyone. I just want to meet him.

So who would you choose?


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What scares you away from watching certain movies? Are you afraid of clowns, spiders, sharks, the woods, or anything else that is a main factor of some films?

For me, I am deathly afraid of snakes, so I will not watch any movie centred around snakes. So any films such as Snakes on a Plane or Anaconda I will never watch!