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One book that I am definitely looking forward to reading is The Savage Dead by Joe McKinney. If you have read my previous posts about his books, you’ll know that Joe McKinney writes horror novels and I thoroughly enjoyed his dead series.

Here is a synopsis of The Savage Dead: The Voyage Begins It starts in a laboratory. A man-made strain of flesh-eating virus. Created by a power-hungry cartel. Capable of turning victims into brain-dead carnivores. Smuggled aboard a cruise ship that’s about to set sail. The Virus Spreads One by one, the passengers are exposed. A U.S. senator. A young couple. An undercover agent. A beautiful assassin. Some will be infected. Others will survive. But no one will be spared if the outbreak isn’t contained–and the dead outnumber the living. The Corpses Rise Enter Delta Force operative Juan Perez. He’s fought the deadliest killers in the darkest hellholes on earth. But he’s never seen anything like this–an apocalyptic cargo of pure zombie mayhem heading for the coast. If Perez and his SEAL team can’t stop it, America, and quickly the entire population of the world, are finished. The plague years will begin.

The novel is set to be released August 27th. I’m looking forward to it!

Check out my reviews of Joe McKinney’s novels Dead City, Apocalypse Of The Dead, Flesh Eaters and Mutated, which are all under my Books category.


Over the next few days I am going to be very busy so I may not have a chance to post anything! Don’t worry, I’m not abandoning the blog, I might just be rather quiet.

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Has anyone read any good Horror Books lately? I’m always looking to check out new novels and authors!

Today I finished the fourth and final book in Joe McKinney’s dead series, titled Mutated. Here is the novel’s synopsis: They outnumber the living… 25 to 1. Those are the odds of being struck down- and resurrected by the savage plague that’s sweeping the country, forcing survivors to band together against the dead. They’re growing stronger… even among the living, there is dissention. A new leader known as the Red Man has risen up and taken charge- and he’s nearly as dangerous as the hungry dead. Some, like Ben Richardson and his friends, strike out on their own. Because if the men with guns don’t get them, the zombies will. They’re getting smarter… Fleeing the cities, Richardson and his crew find sanctuary in an abandoned farm. But their stronghold may not be strong enough. Something strange and terrifying is happening to the undead. They’re banding together. Working as a group. Hungering for a common goal: human flesh. And lots of it.

Mutated is a fast paced read with lots of suspense, violence, gore and quite a few surprises. After reading McKinney’s other novels in the series, I thought I knew what to expect- but I was wrong. He continues his great writing and knowledge of the horror genre, which makes Mutated an easy and enjoyable read. He throws in many surprises along the way that I did not expect at all!

For any fan of the horror genre or any fan of zombies, I would recommend this book to them. It is a great read, but I feel it is essential to read the book after reading the first three in the dead series. I would give Mutated a nine out of ten!

If you are interested in reading one of Joe McKinney’s novels, please read my former reviews of his books in the dead series. You can buy the books at Chapters in the horror section, as well as other bookstores, but they are not popular books so I would suggest checking with the bookstore first. Mutated is $7.99 US and $8.99 Canadian.

Dead City:

Apocalypse of the Dead: 

Flesh Eaters:

Two days ago I finished the third book in Joe McKinney’s dead series, titled Flesh Eaters. What I had not known is that Flesh Eaters is actually a prequel to Apocalypse of the Dead. In other words, I should have read this book before Apocalypse of the Dead, because it would have made more sense, but oh well.

In case you have not read my previous reviews of this series, basically the dead series is about a zombie apocalypse, set within the southern United States. Flesh Eaters is set in Houston, Texas, after several devastating hurricanes have left many homeless and dying. Out of the flooded streets, people emerge from the chemical and plague filled waters. They move slowly, and the only sound they make is a horrible, bone chilling moan, as their rotting bodies walk towards the living. These people look as if they are dead, but if that’s true, why are they able to walk?

Emergency Ops Sergeant Eleanor Norton and her family are trying to stay alive in Houston, while most others are already gone, or never left the city alive. The police force is trying everything they can to help survivors, but what they don’t realize, is that some of the survivors they are trying to help are sick. Anyone who has been bitten or scratched will die and come back as a zombie. These zombies will stop at nothing to find their next meal, and they will eat anything that is alive.

As the zombie population increases and the number of survivors begins to dwindle, will anyone in Houston make it out alive? Or will they all become Flesh Eaters?

Flesh Eaters is a fantastically written book filled with lots of suspense, scares, gore and surprises. It’s 389 pages make it impossible to put down, and leaves you wanting more. Joe McKinney has done a great job making you feel as though you are actually in the novel. The book is very descriptive and in it’s own way, very believable. As I read it, I could see the story happening in my mind.

As a lover of the entire horror genre, as well as a lover of the subgenre of Zombie Horror, I found this book to be excellent. I would rate it a ten out of ten and I would strongly encourage you all to read it. If you love zombie books or movies, I would definitely check this one out. It’s a fantastic read. I would suggest reading Dead City first though. You don’t have to read it to be able to follow along, but they do make a few references to Dead City, so be sure to read that one first. 🙂

I have been reading Flesh Eaters by Joe McKinney recently. If you have read my past book reviews, you will know that I have read his first two books in the dead series: Dead City and Apocalypse of the Dead. Both were great books that made me look forward to reading the next one. As I am now over three quarters of the way through Flesh Eaters, I am excited to soon be able to review it for you all. It has been a great book!

For now you all must wait, but soon I will be sure to review the book and hopefully make you all want to go out and buy it!


Look at where I went after work this morning- chapters! It’s one of my favourite stores, I think I could live in the horror section. I bought the next book in Joe McKinney’s dead series: Flesh Eaters. I look forward to reading it! I also bought the fourth book in the series: Mutated. I will be sure to post reviews when I am finished reading them. Have any books caught your eye lately?

Good evening everyone!

Following my review of Dead City by Joe McKinney, I would like to give you all my review of the second book in the dead series: Apocalypse Of The Dead. The story follows many individuals and groups of people in the United States. It has been two horrible years since the hurricanes flooded the Gulf Coast, and the dead rose from the chaos. Cities were quarantined to contain the dead, and also contained the unlucky survivors still living inside.

Some refugees make it out of the quarantine zone, but not all of them are healthy- some of them are infected. Within weeks, the epidemic spreads across the United States and the rest of the world. There are cases in China, Africa, and just about everywhere else, meaning nobody is safe. One of the characters who is focused on is retired U.S. Marshal Ed Moore. As he tries to lead a group of strangers to safety, he hears about a community in the North Dakota Grasslands, lead by a preacher who has built the community up and kept them safe. What he doesn’t know is that this preacher has frightening beliefs, including encouraging his people to agree to a suicide pact. Ed Moore and the other groups of survivors must decide what to do and where to go before it is too late.

I found that the book started off well, but was confusing. Joe McKinney focuses on many different groups of survivors and it makes the book difficult to follow. Once I was about a quarter of the way through, it became easier to follow along as he described the characters more and some of the groups were killed off. The book does have a lot of action and suspense from the beginning to the end, but I would have to say that the second half of the book was more interesting than the first for me. Based on my love for Dead City, I would recommend reading this book, as it does a good job of following Dead City. The only thing is that the character Dead City is based on, is not in Apocalypse Of The Dead. He only mentioned him once, and I would have liked to find out what happened to him.

I believe I would give the book an 8.5 out of 10. I did enjoy the book a lot, and the ending was good, but I could not give it a 10 because of how confusing I found the beginning. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys horror and/ or zombie novels, but I would say to read Dead City first. The next book in the series is called Flesh Eaters, and I am hoping to go buy it tomorrow so I can continue reading this series. I can tell by both Dead City and Apocalypse Of The Dead that Joe McKinney is great with descriptive detail on events as well as characters, and does a good job at keeping the reader interested.

For those of you who are interested in this book, I bought it at the World’s Biggest Bookstore for $8.99. You can also buy it at Chapters or any other bookstore associated with Chapters, but they don’t carry it at every location so I would check online first to see if your local store has it. Once I read Flesh Eaters, I will make sure to write a review to keep you all updated on Joe McKinney’s novels. I have really been enjoying getting back to reading regularly, and I love that I have found a writer that keeps me interested with their books! If you are looking for a great horror book, check out Dead City and Apocalypse Of The Dead. 🙂