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ScumbagShaneMemeHe really is a scumbag!


fearFear The Walking Dead premieres tonight at 9pm! I am curious about the show, and what it will contribute to what we know from watching The Walking Dead. The thing is though, with being a huge TWD fan, I am not holding out hope that this new show will be as good, especially since it will be all new characters. Not that I think it will be terrible, but I am cautiously curious about how things will go. What do you all think? Will you be watching tonight?

smurfing deadI found this online, isn’t it adorable?!

“Do not enter the city. It belongs to the dead now”

Rick says this to Morgan over the walkie-talkie in season one of The Walking Dead.

“Did.. you get.. bit?”

Morgan says this in the series premiere to Rick in The Walking Dead.

“We’re moving on. Atlanta’s done”

Rick said this in season two, episode one of The Walking Dead.

These people are children, and children like stories

Carol says this in the season five finale of The Walking Dead.