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Hello Horror Lovers!

My apologies for not posting in about three weeks! I have been very busy with school, work, etc., so unfortunately I have been forgetting to post! I was also unable to get into my account for some reason for the past few days, that should be fixed now though.

I recently watched Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno, and enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s about a group of college students who travel across the globe to save the land where a Native tribe live from construction crews, and their plane ends up crashing and those who survive the crash are taken by the tribe. The tribe are cannibals so the students try to escape with their lives. There is a lot of gore, cannibalism, gross bodily fluids and nudity in the film so it is not for the faint of heart. I had been waiting to see the film for well over a year and knew a lot about it so I felt fully prepared, but I’m sure other people were shocked by the movie. I enjoyed it though, and would recommend it to anyone who isn’t bothered by cannibalism, gore or very intense films.


kane hodder

Kane Hodder on playing Jason Voorhees in several of the Friday the 13th films.

Here’s a photo I took at the Supernatural Toronto Con of the very beautiful Alaina Huffman, who played Abaddon in season nine of Supernatural!



The horror actor that I would like to mention today is James Marsters! I know him from playing Spike on the awesome tv show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as I’m sure many of you know him from too. Playing Spike on Buffy is what made me love him, haha. James Marsters was born August 20, 1962 in Greenville, California. He attended Juilliard, the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts, and the American Conservatory Theatre and then did stage work for ten years before moving to Los Angeles to become an actor. He had his big break as Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Apparently the character Spike was supposed to be killed off after a few episodes, but the role of the platinum blonde, sarcastic, (not to mention extremely attractive) vampire Spike became so popular that James became a regular on Buffy, and later the spin-off show Angel. James has been in films such as House on Haunted Hill and P.S. I Love You, as well as on tv shows such as Supernatural, Smallville and Without A Trace.

If you are a horror lover, you will have seen James Marsters before. If you say you haven’t, I would say you have some serious catching up to do.


I would like to tell you about an actor that I have seen recently in two movies: Jonathan Sadowski. While he has only been in two horror films, much fewer than the horror actors I usually write about, he happens to have the same last name as a friend of mine (Dan Sadowski, of the awesome band The Little Black Dress Jonathan has been in Friday the 13th (2009) and Chernobyl Diaries (2012), both of which are good horror films. He has also been in the film She’s The Man, and tv shows such as House, Entourage and NCIS. When I first bought and watched Chernobyl Diaries, I was like hey I recognize that guy! Granted, I watch a lot of movies and almost every movie or tv show I see I happen to recognize at least one actor from something else I’ve seen, but nonetheless I found it amusing. Jonathan Sadowski was born on November 23, 1979 in Chicago, Illinois, and is also a producer.



I haven’t written any posts about horror actors lately, and I would like to mention an actress who has been in a few horror films. Lindy Booth is an actress from Oakville, Ontario, born on April 2nd, 1979. I see Lindy from time to time in films and on tv, and would not be surprised if you have seen her too. Lindy started acting in the late 90’s, and has been in the horror films Wrong Turn (2003), Dawn of the Dead (2004) and Cry_Wolf (2005). She has also had roles in television shows such as Big Wolf on Campus, The Twilight Zone, Ghost Whisperer and Supernatural, among many others.


The next horror actress I would like to mention is Jodie Foster. I thought that she would be the next appropriate person to mention since she has worked with Anthony Hopkins who was my last horror actor! Jodie Foster has been acting for a very long time, and has been in many tv shows and movies. As far as horror films/ thrillers go, she has been in The Silence of the Lambs, Panic Room and Flightplan. I think these films are more thrillers than horror, but I think she is a great actress to mention. All three of those films are great and have a ton of suspense, so if you have never watched them be sure to check them out now!