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Hello Horror Lovers!

My apologies for not posting in about three weeks! I have been very busy with school, work, etc., so unfortunately I have been forgetting to post! I was also unable to get into my account for some reason for the past few days, that should be fixed now though.

I recently watched Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno, and enjoyed it quite a bit. It’s about a group of college students who travel across the globe to save the land where a Native tribe live from construction crews, and their plane ends up crashing and those who survive the crash are taken by the tribe. The tribe are cannibals so the students try to escape with their lives. There is a lot of gore, cannibalism, gross bodily fluids and nudity in the film so it is not for the faint of heart. I had been waiting to see the film for well over a year and knew a lot about it so I felt fully prepared, but I’m sure other people were shocked by the movie. I enjoyed it though, and would recommend it to anyone who isn’t bothered by cannibalism, gore or very intense films.


Hello horror lovers!

Halloween is an awesome time for horror lovers. Lots of horror movies are on tv, tv shows air their Halloween episodes, we get to dress up in terrifying costumes, and there’s candy, and everybody loves candy! What are your Halloween plans this year? I bought candy to give out, I decorated outside and bought a costume to wear while I give out candy and watch horror movies! I’ll be sure to post a photo of my costume 🙂

Hello fellow Horror Lovers,

I apologize for my absence lately, I’ve been rather busy this week! Then today the Supernatural Toronto Convention started, so I was there all day and will be there all day tomorrow and Sunday! Today was lots of fun, as will be the rest of the weekend, but it’s rather exhausting, so please excuse me if I do not post often in the next few days! Is anyone else at the con this weekend?

I just bought a fabulous new camera (with 35x zoom) and took many photos today (as I will be doing the next two days), so when I have uploaded all of them from the weekend I will be sure to post some really good ones of the actors in Supernatural!

I hope everyone has a good weekend, I know I am. 🙂

Here’s a photo I took today of our host for the convention, Richard Speight Jr. who plays the Trickster/ Gabriel on Supernatural.


Many of you do not know this, but I am in University, doing a specialist in Women and Gender Studies. I love being back in school (I did two college programs and then was out of school for two years) and want to do something with my life where I can help people! Since I’m doing a specialist rather than a major, I need to take a lot of Women and Gender Studies courses, but I do get to take some general interest courses too! This year, in the winter term, I will be taking a Cinema Studies course in Horror Film! The paragraph about the course says that the class will be focusing on three types of horror: the un-dead (yay for zombies!), body horror and the supernatural, which I think are three fun types to focus on. Topics of the course include: the aesthetics of gore and violence, technologies of fear, J-Horror, new French extremity, cult fandom and paracinema, and media convergence. I think it will be a lot of fun, and I’m hoping we get to watch some horror movies in class too! When I take my Horror Film class, I’m sure I will be writing all about it! Has anyone else taken a Horror Film class?

“Favourite Superhero” may seem like an odd name for a post on a horror lovers site, but I swear it’s horror related. I’ve been watching a lot horror shows and films lately and thinking about superheroes. There are many out there: Batman, Superman, Catwoman and the rest of the bunch, but while I love Christian Bale as Batman, I am much more for horror superheroes. In every horror movie or show, there is a protagonist and/ or superhero, and while many of them I like, I do have a favourite. The feminist in me must root for a woman, and oddly enough, my favourite superhero is a woman, but not solely based on the fact that she’s female. She and I share some qualities: we’re both short, blonde, weird, tough, strong, determined, and neither of us put up with other people’s bullshit. She is definitely stronger than me though, and fights vampires, along with demons and occasionally humans. Her name is the title of her tv show, which was on the air for seven years. If you’re a true horror fan, you already know who I’m talking about: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. The show is one of the greatest horror shows ever made- few shows have ever measured up to Buffy. I have all seven seasons on dvd and have watched every episode at least a dozen times I would say. I love the drama, the comedy, the romance, and of course, the horror. The happy moments make me happy, and the sad moments made me sad. What I love (probably more than I should) is when Buffy kicks the shit out of people (and creatures), because they always, if not almost always, deserve it. She’s tough, and she can survive anything, even death (she died twice and came back both times). Buffy is my favourite superhero. She is not only the best female superhero, but the best of all male and female superheroes! Nobody can ever, or will ever, beat Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Who is your favourite superhero?

buffy gang


Hello fellow horror lovers,

I just bought a few horror films on dvd on Amazon! I found REC ($9.83), Trick r Treat ($7.49), the remake of Carrie (only $5) and Dark Skies ($9.97). I have only seen Dark Skies, which was very good, but I had been looking to see REC and Trick r Treat for a while and I just came across Carrie so I figured I’d buy them! Amazon is pretty good with shipping very fast, so I don’t imagine I’ll have to wait too long for the movies. Has anyone else bought any horror dvds lately?

I also just tried watching a film on Netflix called Extinction, but I only watched the first 10 minutes before turning it off due to boredom. So now I am on the hunt for something else to watch on Netflix!

Friday the 13th Theme

If you click on the link you will find the theme music for the original Friday the 13th film! It’s pretty awesome.