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Today I realized that I never shared a photo of my costume from Halloween this year! I just gave out candy that night and then watched some horror movies. I managed to scare quite a few kids in my costume! Goal completed! 😛



Happy Halloween!

Posted: October 31, 2014 in Halloween
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Happy Halloween everyone! Best night of the year for horror lovers! 😉


Hello horror lovers!

Halloween is an awesome time for horror lovers. Lots of horror movies are on tv, tv shows air their Halloween episodes, we get to dress up in terrifying costumes, and there’s candy, and everybody loves candy! What are your Halloween plans this year? I bought candy to give out, I decorated outside and bought a costume to wear while I give out candy and watch horror movies! I’ll be sure to post a photo of my costume 🙂

My Costume!

Here’s a photo of me on Halloween as Freddy Krueger!

Tomorrow is Halloween! The day all horror lovers love because we can do everything horror related and there’s always lots of horror stuff going on! Unfortunately after Halloween is over, other than horror movies in theatres and the odd one on tv, there isn’t much for us horror lovers to see/ do, so we must enjoy it while we can. I hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween tomorrow! Let me know what spooky stuff you are up to and what you’re dressed as!

In case anyone is wondering, I’m going to a Halloween party tomorrow night, and I will be Freddy Krueger, as I was 3 years ago!

I’ll see you all in your nightmares…. 😉

Has anyone been watching AMC’s Fear Fest? They’ve been playing some pretty good movies since it started! Several of the Halloween movies, all of the Friday the 13th movies, a bunch of Stephen King films and more. Unfortunately some of them are at bad times for me so I’ve missed some films I wanted to see! Luckily it goes until Halloween so there should be a lot more!

Have you been watching?

Does anyone know what they are going to be for Halloween yet? I am still trying to decide… but I know I want to be scary. Any ideas for me?