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Hello fellow horror lovers!

A few months back (possibly longer) I heard that there was a new Friday the 13th in the works, supposedly one that would be more of a found footage film rather than a remake or sequel. When I heard about it, it seemed to be rather up in the air, and I didn’t put too much thought into it, other than thinking a new film could be cool because it would be the 13th in the series. Now there appears to be a bit more information on it, including an estimated release date of November 2015. You can check out a page with a bit of info here:

I think I’m up for a new Friday the 13th, especially since I enjoyed the 2009 reboot. Can you handle some more Jason?



I went to go see a film called Patrick today, about a young nurse who begins working at a very remote clinic, where the doctor does odd and unethical experiments on his comatose patients. The nurse grows to like one patient named Patrick, but odd things begin happening to her and those around her- making her worry that Patrick has something to do with it. The film has Sharni Vinson in it, who was in You’re Next.

The film looked interesting, and started off alright, but to be honest it was no good. The start and ending have gore and suspense, but the majority of the film is very boring, slow, and rather stupid. It seemed rather juvenile actually. I don’t know how to rate it, but would suggest not seeing this movie ever… it’s not worth the time or money.



Here’s a trailer for the film Deliver Us From Evil, which will be released in theatres on Wednesday. I think it will be really good and creepy, so I’m going to see it! What do you think?

Last night I went to see Dark Skies with a friend of mine. For those who have not yet heard about the film (which was released last Friday), here is a synopsis: Lacy and Daniel Barrett are a married couple with two children; Jesse and Sam. They are struggling with finances and family squabbles, but these turn out to be the least of their concerns. Their youngest son Sam begins telling his mother about having nightmares with “The Sandman” as strange things begin to happen around their house. The first night, the fridge door is left open and food is everywhere. The second night, cans and bottles are arranged in the kitchen so elaborately, the family is not sure whether it is supposed to be a math joke or an elaborate prank. The following night, the families photos go missing. While all of this is happening, no break ins are apparent to the police, three flocks of birds somehow fly into their house, and the family begins to grow scared. They begin to hear things, see things and can’t remember large portions of their days. Lacy decides to search what is happening online, and she is very surprised by what she finds. Will this family be able to find out what is happening before it’s too late? Will they all make it out alive?

Dark Skies stars Keri Russell and Josh Hamilton, and was released in the US and Canada this past Friday. The film is 97 minutes long. Dark Skies was not the movie I expected it to be. From watching the trailer, the film looks very creepy and disturbing, which it is, but it features a big twist which I did not expect. There are many moments that will make you jump and surprise you, as well as possibly scare you. There are some slower moments in the movie, which I believe they could have done a better job with as I found those slower moments boring, but overall the film was quite good. I thought the theory of who/ what was causing the events was rather corny, but they did do a good job with it (I can’t say much more without giving spoilers). They are very thorough with the explanation of the families’ theory and there is a big surprise at the end. I would rate this film with an 8 out of 10. It is quite good, but as I mentioned, there are some slower scenes that they could have fixed.

With all of the irratating films that have been made over the past few years such as Paranormal Activity (I have only seen the first film and could not stand the camera work that was done), Dark Skies is one of the better ones so I would suggest going to see it.