Posted: September 1, 2014 in Movies
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Prowl is a movie I just watched on Netflix. It is a horror movie about a girl trying to get to Chicago with her friends, when their car breaks down and they end up hitching a ride with a man in a cargo truck. What they don’t realize is that the truck is carrying blood, and the driver is driving them to what may be their deaths. It was released in 2010.

I guess the word I would use to describe the film overall is decent. The characters are okay, but there is little character development. The film has flashbacks which is a bit confusing, and I was unclear on whether they were flashing to the past or the future. There is a good amount of gore and suspense, which I was thankful for, but the movie has a very strange pace. It is very slow, until all of a sudden something happens for a few seconds, and then it goes back to being slow. The entire film is not like this, but a big part of it is. It was difficult to stay awake at times but I wanted to power through and watch the film until the end. The film stops very abruptly, which is a shame. Overall, I would rate Prowl a 5 out of 10. Better than getting a 1 or 2, meaning it was awful, but not anywhere near a 9 or 10, an excellent film.


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