I watched Hostel all the way through for the first time recently. Hostel was released in 2005 and stars Jay Hernandez and Derek Richardson. It is about three backpackers who head to Slovakia for a good time. They check into a hostel, meet some local girls, and have some fun until one of the three disappears. The other two worry at first, but eventually believe he’s out having a good time.. they don’t realize that he’s dead, and soon they may be too.

It was written and directed by Eli Roth, so I was weary about watching the film at first, because I didn’t like a few other films he’s been a part of. I was actually surprised by Hostel. The first half hour or so of this 94 minute film is rather slow and filled with way too much nudity, which I didn’t like at all and don’t think was necessary, so that was disappointing. I decided to continue on watching the film, in hopes that it would get better, and while there are other times throughout the film that are also slow, it did get better. There was much less gore than I was expecting (I was actually a bit disappointed that there wasn’t more gore, seeing as it’s Eli Roth), but it was gross at times (there is vomiting which is rather gross to see lol). The characters in the film are not the greatest, but everyone gets what they deserve, whether that is good or bad. There are a few moments of suspense, which I appreciated, and the ending is actually pretty good, and surprised me, which can be difficult for a horror movie to do. Overall, if you can get past all of the slow moments and stupid nudity in the beginning, not to mention the stupid-ness of some of the characters, it’s not a bad film. I would give Hostel a 6.5 out of 10. It’s not great, but it’s alright.


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