Hello fellow horror lovers,

I just bought a few horror films on dvd on Amazon! I found REC ($9.83), Trick r Treat ($7.49), the remake of Carrie (only $5) and Dark Skies ($9.97). I have only seen Dark Skies, which was very good, but I had been looking to see REC and Trick r Treat for a while and I just came across Carrie so I figured I’d buy them! Amazon is pretty good with shipping very fast, so I don’t imagine I’ll have to wait too long for the movies. Has anyone else bought any horror dvds lately?

I also just tried watching a film on Netflix called Extinction, but I only watched the first 10 minutes before turning it off due to boredom. So now I am on the hunt for something else to watch on Netflix!


Please leave me a comment!

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