Under The Dome Season 2 Premiere

Posted: July 1, 2014 in TV Shows
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Before I start, I must tell you that there are SPOILERS here so don’t keep reading if you haven’t watched the season two premiere of Under The Dome yet!

Unfortunately for me, Under The Dome is on Monday nights, making it impossible to watch on tv. I already watch The Bachelorette and Mistresses on Monday nights, so I will have to resort to watching Under The Dome on Global TV’s website! I just watched last night’s episode, and that did not go as I expected. I had heard that two people would be dying tonight, and first was Linda (the policewoman) which I did not expect at all, and unfortunately she’s dead… really dead from being crushed. She could be annoying sometimes, but I didn’t have it out for her like I do Big Jim (although I think all of us want him to die). The second person who died, or who it looks like died, was Angie, who was attacked by some psychopath with an axe at the end of the episode! Well, I imagine it’s a psychopath, and we’re led to believe that it was the girl who Julia saved from drowning in the lake. I doubt it was actually her though, but I do think it’s rather creepy that nobody seems to know who she is. Also, I don’t know if Angie is actually dead, because according to IMDB, she appears in many more episodes than what has aired so far. I guess we will have to wait and see.

I am very disappointed that Julia let Big Jim live, as I personally would have killed him and would really like for him to be gone already. I understand that every show needs to have some sort of villain, but can’t it just be someone else? It looks like we may have another villain in Junior’s Uncle Sam, who seems to have appeared out of nowhere. So, if this guy is bad, can’t we just kill off Big Jim? Seeing as he must have lied about his wife dying, because she’s STILL ALIVE, I think he needs to fess up immediately and then Junior can stab him. That would give me a reason to like Junior, because I still don’t like him and don’t trust him.

Anyway, those are my thoughts after watching the season two premiere, and reading it back it looks like I have done a lot of rambling. So what did you think of the premiere?


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