Hello my fellow horror lovers!

I hope you all had a fantastically gory Friday the 13th yesterday! I had my movie marathon that I posted about yesterday. After watching the five films I mentioned (Poltergeist, Scream 4, Texas Chainsaw 3D, Carriers and Night of the Living Dead), I finished off my marathon by watching Apollo 18, which I had never seen before, and finally with Cabin in the Woods. I ate lots of bad food (and some healthy food too, but way more junk than I usually eat) but I felt it was necessary to pair it with my movie marathon. I found out that yesterday was the ONLY Friday the 13th that we have this year, which sucks!! We have three, yes THREE, Friday the 13ths next year though so we all must make sure we take full advantage of those!

Who else had horror marathons yesterday? I’m thinking I’m going to watch some of the Friday the 13th films over the next few days since I watched other movies yesterday. I suppose I can just say I’m drawing out my Friday the 13th to a whole weekend… or maybe a whole week! Actually, I never need an excuse to watch horror movies… sometimes I even watch them as I’m eating breakfast. I think horror is in my blood. šŸ˜‰

Goodbye for now, my lovely horror friends… remember: Jason is watching… and waiting šŸ˜‰


*I have written reviews about most of the movies I watched yesterday, which can be found by clicking “Movie Reviews” at the top of the page!


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