Happy Friday the 13th my fellow horror lovers!!

Every Friday the 13th I have a horror movie marathon- it’s my tradition! Sometimes I just have them in the evening as I tend to have things to do during the day, but for today I planned on spending ALL DAY watching horror movies! So far, I have watched Poltergeist, Scream 4, Texas Chainsaw 3D and Carriers, and I am currently watching the 1990 remake of Night of the Living Dead (which in my opinion is just as good as the original). I hope all of you are having a fantastically spooky and gore filled Friday the 13th like I am!

If you’re watching any films today, let me know what you’re watching!


  1. Cameron says:

    Doing the same! I always have a friday the 13th movie marathon, I’ve gotten through parts 1-3 and am now starting part 4. Crazy day as it is also a full moon tonight (might slip a werewolf movie in). It’s the first full moon on a Friday the 13th in about a century and it won’t happen again until 2049! Def. a great day for a horror movie marathon.

    • It is a great day for it! I was thinking about having a Friday the 13th marathon, but I decided on some other films I wanted to watch. I’ll probably have a Friday the 13th marathon soon though! How many of them do you have?

      • Cameron says:

        I have all of them including the remake. I guess there is another Friday the 13th film coming out within the next year or two but I don’t think it is going to be a sequel to the 2009 remake. I actually heard it might be found footage style, might be interesting.

      • I really enjoyed the 2009 film, but a sequel to it would be odd lol. I heard that there’s another one being made as well, but as a found footage film, same as you heard. I’m not sure how that might go though, but it would be the 13th film in the franchise (including Freddy vs. Jason as #11) which would be pretty awesome in itself!

  2. Jesse says:

    Friday the 13th is special enough but to add a full moon is just crazy awesome!! I’m obviously having a Friday The 13th movie marathon but also throwing in Moonstalker. Have fun all!

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