Today I came across an interesting fact about The Shining! The Shining is an awesome Stephen King film starring Jack Nicholson as Jack Torrence. Several other actors were considered for the role before Nicholson, which is not surprising, but those who were considered I found to be surprising. Apparently Robert De Niro was considered for the role, and I am glad that he did not get it as I am not a big fan of his personally. Who I found to be surprising is Robin Williams who was supposedly considered for the role! The funnyman has played dark roles in films before, but I can’t imagine him as Jack Torrence at all! I think the film would have been VERY different if Robin Williams had the lead role. Also, Harrison Ford was apparently considered for the role, and as someone who is not a fan of his, I am glad he did not get the role of Jack Torrence. It’s funny to learn who else was considered for different movie roles, especially since sometimes the actors considered do not fit the roles at all, which is obviously why they weren’t chosen!


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