Dexter Finale

Posted: November 15, 2013 in TV Shows
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As some of you know, Dexter has been one of my favourite horror shows. I mean, a blood splatter analyst who works for the Miami Metro PD who kills people? That is the greatest thing EVER! If any of you have been watching this fabulous show you know that the show has ended. It lasted eight seasons and season eight was released on dvd this past Tuesday. I have never gotten the channel that it was on, so I have always bought the season on dvd as soon as it’s released. I bought the season and watched it over the last few days, and I am so sad it is over! The ending is sad and I wasn’t entirely surprised what happened in the end with *SPOILER ALERT* Deb dying and Dexter faking his death (I figured he was either going to commit suicide after Deb died or he would fake his death) but I was surprised as to why he faked his death. I figured he would fake his death so that he could live with Harrison and Hanna in peace in Argentina, but instead he faked it and got a new identity to protect Harrison and Hanna from himself. That leaves Hanna to take care of Harrison and explain to him that now his father is dead, alongside his mother who died when he was a baby.

Anyway, all around a sad ending, with Deb’s death, Dexter’s fake death and new unfulfilling life, and Miami Metro to pick up the pieces and cope with the loss of two of the most significant people in the department. I am so sad that the show is over, I will miss the excitement of new episodes! For those of you who watched Dexter, what did you think of the finale?


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