Horror Villains

Posted: September 17, 2013 in Polls
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Hello fellow Horror Lovers,

If you could meet one “villain” from a horror movie, who would it be and why? This may sound like an odd question, but I know that many horror fans have thought about this at one time or another.

For me, it would be Michael Myers from Halloween (the original Michael, not Rob Zombie’s hillbilly giant Michael). He is a very creepy character who never talks and always walks after his victims and always manages to get them. I’m sure we wouldn’t have a very in depth conversation, as I would be doing all the talking, but I’m sure he could enlighten me on some things. Plus if I had to go knife shopping he would be the best person to go with. I know I know, some of you are probably thinking I’m a psycho right now, but it’s not like I’m actually going to go out and kill anyone. I just want to meet him.

So who would you choose?

  1. fringevoid says:

    Yeah, you may be weird, but the weirder the better. I’d hate for people to think of me as “normal”.

    Norman Bates would probably make for a good conversation. Pinhead, The Tall Man and The Candyman seem like they’d offer some vague, poetic one-liners. And Chucky would make me laugh.

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