The next horror actress I would like to mention is Jodie Foster. I thought that she would be the next appropriate person to mention since she has worked with Anthony Hopkins who was my last horror actor! Jodie Foster has been acting for a very long time, and has been in many tv shows and movies. As far as horror films/ thrillers go, she has been in The Silence of the Lambs, Panic Room and Flightplan. I think these films are more thrillers than horror, but I think she is a great actress to mention. All three of those films are great and have a ton of suspense, so if you have never watched them be sure to check them out now!


  1. robbinsrealm says:

    She was also in a film when she was fourteen called “The Little Girl Who Lives Down The Lane,” although not classified as horror, when I thought back on it, it was a pretty creepy movie. In addition, Foster directed the episode “Do Not Open This Box,” for the horror anthology series “Tales from the Darkside.”

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