The next horror actor I would like to mention is Desmond Harrington. He has been in several horror movies and thrillers, as well as the horror show Dexter! Dexter happens to be one of my favourite shows so when he started on it I was like OMG I know him! He has also been in Ghost Ship, Wrong Turn, and most recently he had a small part in The Dark Knight Rises, which I consider to be a drama/ action/ thriller. He’s been great in everything I’ve seen him in (he was also in Gossip Girl) and I think he’s a great actor to mention for the roles he’s done.


  1. world war one flying ace says:

    he’s totally awesome but he’s lost too much weight since Dexter, doesn’t even look good anymore!

    I only have three movies with him in it, Wrong Turn, Ghost Ship and The Hole, that’s it!

    really need to get more.

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