The Walking Dead season five begins in three and a half weeks! I’m super excited, who else is?

WalkingDeadSeason3Poster-610x903I bought the poster version of this (it’s the same just without the text at the bottom) the other day at HMV! I love Rick Grimes, and The Walking Dead, so I’m excited to put it up on my wall! The only issue is that currently I don’t know where I can put it, as I already have a lot of pictures and posters on my wall (haha).

As of today, September 12th, we are officially ONE MONTH AWAY UNTIL THE WALKING DEAD RETURNS! Season five starts on Sunday, October 12th! As you can imagine, I am very excited for the show to return! I miss Rick.

scary house

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Here’s a photo of Rick and Daryl from season five from The Walking Dead. I’m so excited for it to start in October!


Here’s another photo of Rick from season five of The Walking Dead! If you can’t tell, Rick Grimes is my favourite character. :)


Here’s a photo of Rick from season five of The Walking Dead, which begins on October 12th! Super excited to see Rick again! :)